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September 7, 2010
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Rex open his eyes, how long had he been asleep. He blinked hard, it was still dark out. How long had he been waiting in the medical bay for Skywalker?  He glanced over at the bed. His sleepy brain took a few seconds to register the fact it was empty. Empty!? Rex was fully alert now. What happened to Ahsoka?  if anything happened to her, Anakin would kill him. Rex didn't waist a second, he pulled on his helmet as he ran to the door. He was in such a hurry,he put the helmet  on sideways, so  Rex found it difficult to see anything. Including the figure in the doorway. Rex collided with the it and they both went flying into the hallway. Rex landed on top of the other person.
"That glad to see me hu?" The voice sounded strange since the translator was pressed against his forehead, so it took him a couple seconds to recognize the voice.
"Earth to Rex, anyone in there." He could vaguely see that hand that she was waving in front of his 'face.'
"Uh- Capitan, I mean General, Sir, Ahsoka." Rex was glad his helmet was at least over his head, he knew he was cherry red at this moment.

"You must of hit your head hard." She giggled, slightly shaking his shoulders, as if trying to help him clear his head.

"Ahhmm." Rex cleared his throat "Are you OK, sir?  I didn't mean to run into like that, I just couldn't find you so I thought, and Anakin and the senator left, and I didn't know -" Rex stopped and turned deeper shade of red, he was babbling.
"No problem," Ahsoka's voice seemed slightly embarrassed "Just could you," Ahsoka paused "Um... get off me."
"Yes Sir." Rex's voice was tight. He wondered if he could be more embarrassed.
"Rex? Ahsoka?" Rex looked up, Apparently he could, Anakin stood in the hall arms crossed and a look of amusement on his face.
Rex jumped to his feet, his shoes slid on the slick marble floor, and he would have fallen if Ahsoka hadn't grabbed his arm.
Finally on steady feet Rex stood before the Jedi, completely and totally more humiliated then he ever had been before. And he still couldn't really see because his helmet was on sideways. "Um... How long have you been standing there, sir?" Rex asked trying to break the silence. Anakin responded in the last way Rex would have expected. He started laughing. Hard. Rex dropped his head, he was sure instead of red his face was purple. Or some other color for when your beyond normal embarrassment.

Anakin couldn't help it, Rex stood there his helmet on sideways. Any one would have to admit it looked pretty funny. (Yes even Obi-wan and Mace-Windu) He had tried not to laugh, really he had, but it could not be done. He had always thought his captain could handle any embarrassing situation, He had never seen him embarrassed before. And certainly not with his helmet on sideways.

"Here," Anakin motioned to Rex to come closer, the Jedi was still chuckling "Let me help you get the helmet off."

"No thank you sir," Rex shook his head and backed away, At this moment he wanted the helmet right where it was, side ways or not. He didn't feel like showing how embarrassed he really was. He red face would tell all, no Jedi mind reading needed. Plus he had to save any dignity he had left. And it would defiantly not be dignifying to have your general remove your helmet.
"If you'll excuse me sir." Rex made his way to the medical room Ahsoka had been in. Unfortunately his calculations of where the door was located where a tiny bit off. Rex walked strait into a wall. His armor made a load thudding sound. Slightly surprised Rex glanced over at Ahsoka and Anakin, they had pretended not to notice him walk into a wall. But Rex could see Skywalker was struggling no to burst out laughing. Feeling his way along the wall Rex ducked into the room.  He could hear the Generals laughter drift in form the hallway. Rex stumbled over to the bed, sitting on the edge he started  twisting and turning his helmet trying to get it off. They really need to design these better he thought. He wasn't making any progress. For a second he panicked and thought he'd be stuck like this. Then his more Adult side kicked in, he rolled his eyes at himself and continued to try to get his helmet of. They could probably cut it of, that would be no more embarrassing then what he'd already endured. Rex turned his head at the sound of footsteps. They were to light to be Anakin's.


"You got me."  Rex felt the bed shift as Ahsoka sat down next to him. "Um... Do you need some help?" She tapped the helmet

"No." Rex crossed his arms and turned away from her.
"Is it really stuck?" She asked her voice had a hint of amusement.
"No I just like to make people laugh. Yes it's really stuck." Rex's voice was grumpy
"Then let me help you No one will know. Besides," She continued crossing her arms, "Your being unreasonable stubborn."
"Me?!" Rex's voice was almost indignant "Your the one who would not-"
"Then prove it." Ahsoka interrupted "If you don't think your stubborn prove it by letting me help you."
Rex knew he was being stubborn he just didn't feel like admitting it, "Fine, you can help, but don't tell anyone about this."
"Cross my heart." Ahsoka stood up, Gripping both sides of the helmet she started pulling and turning at the same time. "Tell me if I'm hurting you."
"OK"  But inwardly Rex promised he wouldn't complain. It wasn't very becoming to complain.
"You know Anakin didn't mean anything." Here was the talk Rex had been dreading
"I know."
"And you did look pretty funny."
"Thanks." Rex's voice was dry
"You know what?"
Rex struggled not to roll his eyes. "What?"
"You remind me of my brother."
This took Rex by surprise "You have a brother?"
"Had," Ahsoka's voice was a mixture of anger and sadness "We where separated when I was taken to the temple, I still remember him though. Your a lot like him." Ahsoka pulled of Rex's helmet, she stared at it as she spoke to Rex.  "Maybe thats why I like you." She looked up at him "You'd make a good older brother."

At that moment Rex felt like ripping the helmet out of Ahsoka's hands and put it back on his head. She had said it so simple but it hit him like a blaster bullet. He knew he was turning red again. Oh what he'd give to never blush again!
Purple with Embarrassment

Call me weird, I ship almost anything. I don't know I guess I like multiple relationships. So Ya, I like Rex/Ahsoka. Though I like other pairings with those two characters. Go figure. :shrug:

Please let me know what you think! ;)
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CaptainCC7567 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Well done, sir! *salutes*
DeenaCoulthard Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome. Absolutely hilarious!!! poor Rexter! And yes, he would make an awesome big brother. :D
hopelessromantic721 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012   Traditional Artist
I enjoy fanfictions like this far too much XD Rex would so be cute to be caught blushing so much. Lovely fic! 8D Love it!
Clonetroopsrule344 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOVE IT! (i dont even like Rexsoka!)

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spars28 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012
so cute then so embarassing for rex
Kelana-ti Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Poor Rex!
SvalaW Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Marvellous!! :D :w00t:
:jedi:& :stormtrooper:
WarriorSOTA Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
Thanks, :) I'm still learning how to write...
thenumbertre Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
this was really awsom ! I like the way you got rex. :jedi:
WarriorSOTA Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
Thank you! :hug: I'm so glad you like it. :D
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